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Let’s Eat Local

We are really enjoying the 3 day weekend here at Skylonda Lodge.  Food is a big part of our celebration and lucky for us our neighborhood is rich in local food providers that inspire and supply our farm-to-table meals. 

Did you know that the average item of food in America has traveled 1,500 miles from the farm to your plate?

All this travel has negative effects on both the quality of food and environment.  Eating locally helps to keep things in a more natural balance.  It gives you a personal connection to the people and places that grow your food.   Local food is rich in flavor and has more nutrients than processed food.  Less fuel is used to process and ship your foods and so the environment is better off too.

Simply put, eating local is a win-win for all involved.

Skylonda’s local neighborhood of San Mateo County is abundant in local farms and ranches.  Some of our favorites:


Our friend and neighbor Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast gave us some great tips for a Gorgeous Memorial Day Dinner Party.

Sample her simple, tasty, and beautiful approach to cooking with her Asparagus Pastry Straws appetizer recipe below.  For more recipes inspired by her local food offerings, be sure to check out The Forest Feast cookbook series.

The Forest Feast - Asparagus Pastry Straws

The Forest Feast - Asparagus Pastry Straws

We’re proud that the food we serve throughout the Skylonda Program doesn’t have to travel far from home.  Our local farms produce constant inspiration for seasonal recipes and one-of-a-kind cooking classes, providing a grounded, energizing nutritional experience for our guests.

Schedule your retreat online to experience our local flavors first hand.

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