Fitness Fuels the Good Life at Skylonda Lodge | Skylonda Lodge
Our fitness program aims to evoke the body’s natural capacity for health and balance at every scale: genetic, cellular, tissue, system, and whole body. A thriving and healthy body is a beautiful body -- one that radiates and attracts positive energy that further contributes your personal development and self-discovery.
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Fitness Fuels the Good Life at Skylonda Lodge

What is your relationship with fitness?  

Ours is simple — fitness can and should be a foundation to optimize our health, reinforce community bonds, embody transformation, and achieve lasting happiness.

Reflecting on your relationship with fitness is the perfect place to start on your path of a lifetime full of wellness.  Once you start, a good life awaits.  Increased endorphins, improved strength and balance, and more energy all accompany the active life.  But it’s more than just the physical benefits.  A thriving and healthy body radiates and attracts positive energy that further contributes to your personal development and self-discovery.  

The Skylonda approach to fitness is inspired by a vision for holistic and embodied health.  To bring this vision to life, we developed the following fitness philosophy — principles that are grounded in research of the body, mind, nature, and science. 

Skylonda Lodge Fitness Principles:

1.  Better, together:  group exercise helps us to have long-term happiness by not only creating a healthy mind and body but also building social connections and community that are fundamental to our well being.  Studies show that people are 50% more likely to push through a challenging workout if it’s in a group.

2.  Healthy in Nature:  outdoor exercise combines all the physical and psychological benefits of exercise with the restorative power of nature.  Engaging our bodies with outdoor physical activity activates our innate capacity to physically, mentally, and spiritually thrive in nature.

3.  Let’s Play:  we know that the same exercise every day can be redundant and boring.  But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Fitness can and should be fun.  That’s why we give you novel and unforgettable fitness experiences that will make you fall in love with moving your body again.  Playful and out-of-the-box activity cues your mind to open up as it prepares to learn and grow from a new experience. 

“Taking on any new physical challenge will disrupt your routine.  If you want to grow and accomplish new goals, this new challenge, this disruption, is exactly what the doctor ordered.”  Skylonda Program Director, Dr. Gabby Pelicci


4. Embodied Transformation:  fitness can be a powerful tool on the path of personal growth, one that whose benefits extend far beyond the physical.  When you physically transform, you internalize the power of transformation and awaken to the wisdom that you can: face your challenges with optimism, stop wasting energy resisting, and start making better choices that lead to new and improved habits and overall sense of health.

Read a firsthand account how Skylonda Guest Shelley Seale was able to find here magic by pushing through her boundaries. 

When we push through a tough workout and tell ourselves that we can do one more repetition or run for one more minute, we teach ourselves that we can do just about anything.  Throughout the fitness features of the Skylonda Program, we will encourage you to reinforce your innate ability to overcome limitations, radiate beauty and health, and maintain natural energy, positive mood, and mental strength.  

The momentum generated by this kind of dedicated approach to fitness creates an appetite for more – more health, more challenges, more sweat, more fun, more play.  You set yourself on a course for perpetual and internally motivated personal growth and come off the world (and to yourself) as superhuman.  We know that the confidence that comes from this state of mind will make you unstoppable on your path of personal transformation.

Sounds like a good life, yes? We sure think so.  Join in — and discover and share your superhuman side with our community.

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