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MOVE well, EAT well, SLEEP well and have more FUN

Are you feeling lethargic, unmotivated, or uninspired by your life? Are you hoping something will come along to help you make a lifestyle change? The Skylonda Program is your remedy. Clarify your intention and we will guide you to reconnect with the healthiest version of YOU.


We created the ideal structure to transform your body, increase your energy and elevate your approach to wellbeing. In the Skylonda Program, you will focus on exercises that boost your metabolism, achieve healthy weight loss and prevent aging-related decline in the body and mind.


Our fitness experts will keep you moving on hikes through the Redwoods and cross-training, in conjunction with restorative yoga and therapeutic massages. You will eat a scientifically based menu of locally grown, organic whole and healthy foods, and will swap your smartphone for meaningful conversations with other human beings. You will get a good night’s sleep and replenish the resources that are necessary for memory, concentration and the highest levels of performance in everyday life.

health retreat Redwood City, CA
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“I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Skylonda Lodge. I am on a new track to better health. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, support, and guidance.”


Each program includes luxury accommodations, sublime cuisine,
energizing group activities, individualized assessments and consultations
to determine your customized plan.



Luxury accommodations


Daily Farm to Table Organic
meals and snacks


Cooking Demonstrations


Daily supply of alkaline water,
herbal teas and detox supplements



Personal Health Assessment


Nutrition Consultation


Fitness Assessment


Stress & Lifestyle Assessment


Goal Setting Consultation 



Group Yoga Sessions


Guided Hiking Sessions


Expert lectures on Healthy Living
and Stress Management


Circuit Training including our signature Outdoor Obstacle Course Classes

A Day at Skylonda Lodge

6am                    Morning Stretch on the Deck
7am                    Breakfast
8am-noon         Redwood Forest Hike
12:30pm            Lunch and Nutrition Class
1:30pm              Free time
2:30pm              Interval Training & Obstacle Course Workout
4:30pm              Happiness Advantage Class
5:30pm              Dinner
6:00pm              Yoga Class
7:00pm              Massage Therapy Session 

health program Redwood City, CA


Upon completion of the program, you will feel physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and fully engaged in work and life.  Lasting nutritional and fitness guidance from the Skylonda Lodge experts will allow you to sustain the benefits of your stay in daily life.


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Spend 3 nights, 4 days enjoying nutrient-rich organic meals, increasing your energy and fitness level, and making new friends as you achieve an elevated perspective on wellbeing during your stay.