Food | Skylonda Lodge
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The Skylonda Lodge is ideally located in an area rich of local organic farms, providing a diverse array of the freshest ingredients. Our chef draws constant inspiration from this local bounty to create delicious and deeply nourishing menus. We view food as medicine and combine knowledge of herbalism, Chinese medicine, vegetarian and special diets to create effective and balanced menus. Positive nutrition increases productivity, achieves healthy weight loss, extends life expectancy, acts as a proven antidepressant, and enhances wellbeing of mind and body including how we think and feel.

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Organic continental yogurt, fruit, steel cut oatmeal and veggie frittata


Snack: Bone Broth with scallions, shredded carrot and daikon


Lunch: Tempeh Reuben sandwich with Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut and cashew cheese on sprouted rye, roasted potato wedges with smoked paprika, chopped veggie salad in a jar DIY with 3 styles of fresh dressing demo


Dinner: Grilled chili and garlic rubbed flank steak with grilled onions and arugula, roasted chili relleno with potato and chard and walnut sauce, jicama carrot slaw with lime vinaigrette & fresh mint and cilantro


Dessert: Chocolate fondue with raw cacao nibs, bananas, nuts, sliced persimmon, pomegranate seeds and strawberry palate cleansers


The Skylonda Program approach to nutrition is based on a regenerative food plan that recommends certain basic dietary directions such as adding more whole foods, maintaining stable blood sugar and avoiding negative energy foods. We teach you to rethink dietary choices and their ultimate influence on your health to shield against the damaging effects of modern life.



We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of food with you and expanding your definition of nourishment. During your stay, you will experience several cooking classes where our Lead Chef will teach you simple and creative recipes that you can take home with you. Passionate about the culinary arts for over 20 years, our Lead Chef is uniquely suited to walk the talk of the Farm-to-Table movement, uncompromising in her commitment to fresh, local and artisanal cuisine.