Food | Skylonda Lodge
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Food is a big part of our celebration at Skylonda Lodge and lucky for us our neighborhood is rich in local food providers that supply our fresh and flavorful meals. Our local farms produce constant inspiration for seasonal recipes and one-of-a-kind cooking classes, providing a grounded, energizing nutritional experience. We serve food that is low carb, moderate protein, and high in healthy fat, including meat and fish. We acknowledge that each of us brings a unique relationship with food to the table and we welcome you.  We accomodate all food preferences and restrictions including vegan, vegetarian, and allergies such as nuts or gluten. We serve coffee – because coffee is a consistent part of many of our mornings – but we are alcohol free.

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Root Vegetable Breakfast Congee. Pasture Raised Beef Bone Broth. Sous Vide Egg. Pork Belly. House-made Kimchi


Lunch: California Avocado “Burger.” Heritage House-cured Bacon, Glaum Ranch Egg and Sherry Tomato. Fresh Citrus Aioli


Snack: House-made Trail Nut Mix and Hibiscus Kombucha


Dinner: Far West Fungi Aji Grilled Portobello. Papas a La Huancaina. Roasted Gypsy Peppers and Sesame Long Beans


Dessert: Chocolate Torte. Peruvian Dark Chocolate. Brazil Nuts


We believe that you are what you eat and it is imperative to choose your food wisely. Like all energy sources, food has the potential to do beautiful and beneficial things or to create pain, pollution and suffering. Our intention is to provide food that reduces inflammation, balances blood-sugar, promotes healing and longevity and satisfies the body and spirit. When you leave Skylonda Lodge, we want you to go with knowledge, tools and understanding of how to choose the best food that will lead to a long, healthy life.



We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of food with you and expanding your definition of nourishment. During your stay, you will experience several cooking demos where our Executive Chef will teach you simple and creative recipes that you can take home with you.