Fitness Retreat between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, CA
Do you want to visit a 5-star all- inclusive weight loss program? Skylonda Lodge between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, CA, is the premier luxury fitness and wellness retreat in California. Reserve your spot today.
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A rejuvenated group enjoying our all- inclusive retreat in Half Moon Bay, CA

Well-being: from surviving to thriving

Wellness Program between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, CA


The Skylonda Lodge approach to well-being is moving from surviving to thriving.

One of the biggest challenges we face in modern life is balancing our obligations and responsibilities with creating a life that we truly love.  Many of us feel like we are moving through the day-to-day in “survival mode.”  We are so busy that we don’t make time to do the things that nourish and inspire us.  In many cases, we even lose sight of what brings us joy.  The unfortunate outcome of this way of living is burnout and breakdown.  We gain weight, we lose motivation, we feel lethargic, irritated, unhappy.

At Skylonda Lodge, we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice wellbeing to be productive and creative.  In fact, we think that the better you care for yourself, the richer your health, work and relationships will be.

If you feel disconnected from a state of wellbeing, productivity, and creativity than it’s time for transformation.  A personal transformation can be one of the most energizing, grounding experiences you can give yourself.  It is a ceremony of sorts.  Where you tell yourself that you are moving from “here” to “there”, to a mental model where your wellbeing, happiness, and health are celebrated as a priority.

We know a thing or two about personal transformations – they are the foundation for our business and community.  Skylonda Program Director Dr. Gabby Pelicci has studied “transformation” for the last 20 years from number of perspectives – clinical, professional, and personal growth to name a few.  Dr. Gabby is passionate about the shift in lifestyle that transformational experiences offer us all, the part that breaks unwanted, unhealthy habits and makes space for healthy, new ones that generate well-being.

But Dr. Gabby says it best in her own words:

“We can make small shifts that cultivate bigger transformation but…we need to step away from the day-to-day habits and get into an immersive environment where we can dig in and go deep.”

Committing to self-care and personal well-being is one of the best long-term habits you can make.  And we’re here to help along the way.

Skylonda Lodge is here to create and celebrate meaningful experiences of well-being.  Experience them first hand through our immersive luxury nature retreats.  Or simply follow along and join in on the conversation online via social media or our digital community newsletter.  Every step, big or small, toward personal well-being matters.  We are here to appreciate each step forward with you.

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