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Light Your Fire

This week we celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day of light in the year and the perfect time to reflect on and honor our connection to the Sun and Earth.

This is a moment of fire — both as light saturates the sky around you, but also in you, as your body adjusts to the changing seasons.  We encourage you to go with the flow of the seasons and you use this time spark your own passion or to rekindle your relationship while on retreat.

How will you light your fire?

Historically, the Summer Solstice is the ideal time for romance, rituals, and resolutions.  Because our biological system is linked to the rising and setting of the sun, our mood and energy are pumped up during this long day of light.  

Anticipate this energy and place yourself in the right position to make the most of it.

Tap into nature this solstice.  It will provide you with the energy needed to physically and emotionally break through old habits that no longer serve you and to set new ones that inspire and excite you to be your best self.

Come together.

The abundance of the life-bearing light excites the inner light within us all — making the Summer Solstice a model moment for community celebration, especially when immersed on retreat in a natural environment.

Summer is the season to get out there.  

It is the time to mix and mingle in the world around you, to approach the unknown with an attitude of why not–of letting go, flowing with the moment, and being willing to risk your security to make space for new forms of relationship.

And because of this, the Summer Solstice is the ideal time to ignite a renewed sense love and romance in your life.

If you do, you won’t be alone.  Cultural traditions throughout human history have acknowledged and celebrated the sublimely sensual effect that hot Summer nights have on our hearts and bodies.  During this time of year, the thick and active natural environment calls us to step outside our comfort zone and into the pleasure of adventure with “other”.

As author Kate Rose puts it

“It’s the season for lust, for love, and for letting ourselves be reminded that we burn brightest for those things that set our souls on fire.”


What sets your soul on fire?

If this is a daunting question — no worries — we are here to help you answer it.  Whether it’s during a morning hike, yoga class, cooking class, positive psychology seminar, personalized physical training session, or simply while relaxing during our deep-tissue massages, we are certain that we can assist you having that ah-ha moment that reconnects you with your inner truth.

This is also the time to answer another question – who sets your soul on fire?  

Whoever comes to mind is likely a fitting partner to bring with you on retreat.  To encourage this companionship, we are offering a $600 saving to couples and partners looking to reignite a sense of energy in their relationship.

Regardless of where and how you spend your Summer, addressing the who and what that charge you up during this season is sure to have positive, amplifying effects on your life that radiate throughout this year.  

Are you ready jump into the fire?  Are you ready to say — why not?

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