Fitness | Skylonda Lodge
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During your stay, you will be invigorated as our experienced fitness trainers guide you through nature hiking, yoga, intensity interval training and obstacle courses to restore and rebuild health and wellbeing.


Our experts will help you restore and improve muscle tone. You will increase your energy, boost your metabolism, improve your libido, shed unhealthy weight, and reduce the effects of aging and at a cellular level.


Your program includes individualized assessments and consultations to design your fitness plan to achieve your health goals.

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A Day at Skylonda Lodge

6am                    Morning Stretch on the Deck
7am                    Breakfast
8am-noon         Redwood Forest Hike
12:30pm            Lunch and Nutrition Class
1:30pm              Free time
2:30pm              Interval Training & Obstacle Course Workout
4:30pm              Happiness Advantage Class
5:30pm              Dinner
6:00pm             Yoga Class
7:00pm              Massage Therapy Session 

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Our one-of-a-kind obstacle course is built on a stunning secluded path in the Redwood forest. How many opportunities do you have as an adult to get your blood pumping, push yourself to the limit and play outdoors? Forget your standard workout. This course will put the thrill back in your fitness routine.

fitness retreat Emerald Hills, CA



Our 1000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility features weights, rowing machines, yoga props, and ellipticals. Our bright and beautiful yoga room features floor-to-ceiling windows with an energy that emanates peace and inner focus. You will experience a variety of yoga classes with amazing teachers that offer the challenge of endurance, flexibility and strength as well as restoration and rejuvenation.

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Spend 3 nights, 4 days enjoying nutrient-rich organic meals, increasing your energy and fitness level, and making new friends as you achieve an elevated perspective on wellbeing during your stay.